Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another full-body shave for Cleo

We found a couple more small mast cell tumors on Cleo.  Instead of hysterically consulting vet specialists all over the tri-county area, this time I very calmly rung up our vet to schedule surgery.  This time, instead of having to go under general anesthesia, Cleo will have the little suckers removed under local anesthesia.  Makes me feel better because my baby girl isn't a baby, anymore, and I don't like the risks of anesthesia.

Annndd, Cleo got herself another full-body shave.  Turns out our groomer hasn't had this request since, well, the last time I asked her to do it.  Funny.  It's so becoming.

shave AND a bandanna!

It's amazing to see how much fur makes the pug.  

Because without any fur, let's face it, a pug is really just a goat.

And, yes, those are more spots.  Some of them are scars from her last surgery, but I found at least 5 more nodules.

the most pathetic thing about the shave is her little rat-tail

Luckily it's summer, because she's prone to the shivers without her fur coat.  No matter.  She gets to wear cashmere day-in and day-out, now.

Rest up, little girl.  You have a big day tomorrow.


  1. she looks so sleek. little girl, good luck with your procedure today!

  2. Sweet Cleo.,, I send you lots of healing bubbles to make you all better. You have the bestest momma in the world to keep track of those little things that pop up here and there.
    You are so cute and precious,, my mommy wants to kiss you.