Sunday, November 3, 2013

Memorial weekend

It's been a year since our Sasha died.  We decided to remember her by taking her on her fave kind of trip -- a road trip!  There's nothing better than a whole world full of new smells!  a drive along the Pacific would be perfect.

We decided to be Like Pug, and enjoy the trip (and the lap snuggle time), rather than the destination.

Had a chance to stop at a dog-friendly beach, and watch the fishing boats come in.

i thought u should know that i am dying. pick me up.

i am channeling my inner obi-won/ewok

The northern coast is really pug-friendly -- lots of places we could walk and bring the pugs.  They were richly rewarded by their adoring fans.  And we were rewarded with super-exhausted animals that offered no resistance to aggressive shnergling.