Monday, January 28, 2013

We are blessed

I took a 2 week trip away from the pugs (!), to go hang out with their cousins (!!) -- actually, to meet the pugs' new cousin! his name is giblet. actually, it's not, but that's what we call him for short.

giblet is yawning here, not screaming, altho he definitely does that, too

The pug cousins, Bunni and Rikki, handled the arrival of their new brother in typical pug-ly way -- TOTAL FASCINATION.

Bunni and Rikki are just sleep-deprived

Both pugs are so good with the baby. 

Rikki here is serving as a good headrest.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pug sisterly love

It's a good thing that Cleo, our cuddle-bug, had Deedee, our pain-in-the-ass-pug, for comfort after Sasha died.  It's really sweet to see how much they lean on each other. 

continuing the tradition of basking in a sunny spot

And yet, they both seemed a little blue.  Especially Miss super-sensitive Cleo.  

We managed to muddle through the holidays.  The pugs may or may not have been the recipients of a legendary amount of treats and shnerglage.

We're so lucky to have these funny sweet pugs in our lives.