Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lazy afternoon

Now that the days are a bit longer and stretch well into the evening, the pugs have proved themselves again to be excellent lounging companions.  If you can use the quality 'unconscious' as a pre-requisite for 'excellent'.

mama do not forget to wake us for dinner

Monday, June 10, 2013

Tummy time

As I alluded to before, the pug-cousins, Bunni and Rikki, handled the arrival of their new fur-less brother with grace.  and patience.  and tolerance.  and a little bit of shrill, uncontrollable barking when the baby decided to engage in Level 5 screaming.

ever adept at creating a position for themselves on a lap, no matter who or how many occupants there are

Rikki is still as brazen about demanding her belly rubs, as ever.  Albeit perhaps a bit confused as to the function of the diaper-changing mat.

do i need to be changed, too? 

Rikki has shown great interest in participating in and supporting Giblet during Tummy Time.

see, when u put ur head down like this make sure you look cute and pathetic

i'm worried this fur-less brother of mine will not be able to lift his enormous head

Pugs are truly amazing.  Their capacity to give and receive love is just boundless.