Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pug-friendly venues are the best!

ESPECIALLY places that also serve wine.  Not that the pugs get any.  or much, anyway.  Sasha had always been a champagne kinda girl, but Cleo and Deedee are more interested in the breadsticks.

Anyway, one of our favorite wineries in Sonoma has a lovely outdoor porch area from which one can sip wine and gaze out upon the vineyards.  It also has tons of breadsticks of the unsalted variety, all the better for a sensitive pug stomach.

mama. is there any BEER???!?!?

that is bona fide glacier-melt bottled water in the background, my friends

Never fear.  The puglets were fully compensated

u will submit to my pugly stare


  1. Mom's not a drinker but we support any place that is pug friendly and has food!
    Looking lovely, ladies!

  2. Wish we had places like that here! IF it were up to us we'd go everywhere with our pawrents ... including restaurants!!! Hopefully you got more than your share ...

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  3. i love bread sticks, and i wish i had one now.

  4. lucky ducky pugs. oh cleo, do you keep growing more teeth? my sweet little girl.