Sunday, November 3, 2013

Memorial weekend

It's been a year since our Sasha died.  We decided to remember her by taking her on her fave kind of trip -- a road trip!  There's nothing better than a whole world full of new smells!  a drive along the Pacific would be perfect.

We decided to be Like Pug, and enjoy the trip (and the lap snuggle time), rather than the destination.

Had a chance to stop at a dog-friendly beach, and watch the fishing boats come in.

i thought u should know that i am dying. pick me up.

i am channeling my inner obi-won/ewok

The northern coast is really pug-friendly -- lots of places we could walk and bring the pugs.  They were richly rewarded by their adoring fans.  And we were rewarded with super-exhausted animals that offered no resistance to aggressive shnergling.


  1. my friends
    I came to thank you for all the love and caring and prayers that you have been sending to me while I have been sick. I am still fighting to get better.
    Thank you too for all the love and prayers for my moms.
    I do not have words to tell you how you have touched our hearts, Thank you for all the love .
    your tweedles

  2. And I want to tell you- I remember Sasha forever and ever-- she was a good friend to me.
    I know your heart feels her-- she is in your heart

  3. We have been away settling in with our new hu-brother, but just wanted you to know that we have thought of you guys many times. It is really nice to see you out exploring and making pug memories. We are jealous. Not so many pup friendly beaches around for us, but we will live vicariously through you.

    Kitty and Coco